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I don’t expect anyone to understand but honestly, I wish someone would.

#StarfishDance Part 3

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#StarfishDance Part 1

MASEA Fans Appreciation Event Spoils #MILLIONARTHUR

If She Remembers


Sometimes I wonder if she remembers
those painful memories I try to forget
the angry tears, the endless fights
hurtful words filling too many nights
if she remembers does she regret
the healing words we never said
I was wrong, I love you
please forgive me, I’m so sorry
and if she remembers does she still cry
for what was lost, who we were
all we had and might have been

One year has past.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will come to be today.
Today will become yesterday and yesterday will end up a tale.

Remember to make the best of your youth, friends 😊
For all the fresh interns #potm #internship